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Hyperpigmentation Eraser(Combo)

Hyperpigmentation Eraser(Combo)

SKU: 432097456121
Improve the appearance of skin tone with Hyperpigmentation Eraser Combo(Serum/Cream), an anti-brown spot corrector that helps lighten the appearance of pigmentation.Specially developed to help fade the appearance of old blemishes, flaws and colour irregularities, the brightening serum visibly reduces brown spots while inhibiting the formation of new ones. Contains an 8% Depigmenting Complex to help alleviate the severity of dark spots, and 2% stabilized Vitamin C to improve radiance and even out the complexion. The ultra-fine, white texture is infused with liquid crystals and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid for extra moisture, plus soft focus Bio-Snow to blur the appearance of imperfections.Absorbing quickly into skin, the serum provides instant and long-lasting comfort. Expect a brighter, glowing and more uniform complexion. 100% tested on sensitive skin. Suitable for all skin types..

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